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Ed Hochuli referenced "Jungle Boy" while talking into a live mic during the Cardinals-Panthers game. Who could that be?

By Extra Mustard
January 03, 2015

Ed Hochuli referenced "Jungle Boy" while talking into a live mic during the Cardinals-Panthers game on Saturday.

According to Deadspin (who has the video), Hochuli called a 12-men-on-the-field penalty and then, when he must've presumed his mic had been turned off following the announcement of the penalty, said, "I got the word from Jungle Boy that was a good call."

Who could "Jungle Boy" be?

Explanations are in short supply, and surprisingly in this day and age, there don't appear to be any Vines or video clips floating around.

Sports Internet sleuths were about to give up until NFL Vice President of Officiating Dean Blandino stepped forward.

Back to your Saturdays, friends. We'll have the "Ed Hochuli said what?" beat covered in the meantime.

Mike Fiammetta


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