By Extra Mustard
January 07, 2015

It should come as no surprise that John Elway, who won 148 games as a starting quarterback, is insanely competitive. But a profile of Elway in this week's Sports Illustrated by S.L. Price shows just how crazy Elway is. 

Elway's lunacy dates back to kindergarten, when he insisted on being team captain when choosing sides on the playground. It's continued to the present day. As Price writes, Elway and Klein Kubiak, the son of Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, formed a team for a weight loss competition among Broncos staffers.

Kubiak and Elway lost the competition, so Elway changed the rules and extended it for another month. He does that sort of thing all the time, former Stanford teammate Don Lonsinger says. "If you're beating him," Lonsinger said, "you're not going to bed."

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But Elway's insanity once threatened one of the greatest quarterback-tight end relationships ever:

At one of his last training camps the old QB was beating tight end Shannon Sharpe at Jeopardy! when Sharpe announced that he knew an answer. "Tell me," Elway said, "or you're getting no balls."

No passes? Sharpe figured that for a joke—until he saw Elway's face. "I had to give him the answer," Sharpe says. "He threatened me."

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For more on Elway, check out Price's story in this week's Sports Illustrated. (Subscribe here.)

- Dan Gartland

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