64 students at Dartmouth have been accused of cheating in a sports ethics class.

By Extra Mustard
January 09, 2015

Kids these days, with their gadgets and doo-dads, and their constant disdain for authority and morality.

64 Dartmouth College students, many of them varsity athletes, have found away to combine all of the above in a cheating scandal that has rocked Dartmouth's idyllic New Hampshire grounds.

According to the Valley News, the school set up a sports ethics class with the intention of helping student-athletes who at times struggled with Dartmouth coursework. Over the course of the semester, instructors found that a number of students were passing their "clickers" – electronic devices used to answer questions in class – off to other students in order to skip class without losing credit.

Ex-UNC guard Rashad McCants says he took bogus classes while in school

Most of the students were suspended for a term, which at Dartmouth lasts just ten weeks. The course's professor, a man of compassion, said that "after many sleepless nights," he decided that rather than rather fail the students in question outright, he would lower their grades by a full letter.

In a way, one almost has to feel sorry for these Dartmouth students. If only they could've gotten into Harvard, where the grade most frequently given to undergraduates is an A.

- Christopher Woody

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