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You wouldn't think Starburst would make for a good recovery snack, but Michigan State's Branden Dawson proves that wrong.

By Extra Mustard
January 09, 2015

You would think Michigan State forward Branden Dawson, looking completely exhausted as he came to the bench during Thursday night's game against Iowa, would want some water, or at least some kind of rehydrating beverage.

You'd be wrong. Apparently Dawson only had a hankering for one thing: Starburst candies.

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The nutritional value of using Starburst as a recovery method would seem to be questionable, but apparently Michigan State's trainers know what they're doing. The Spartans were down 39-28 at halftime but roared back in the second, outscoring the Hawkeyes 47-22 to take home the 75-61 win.

As for Dawson, he finished with 14 points, 15 rebounds and one delicious candy break.

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