By John Gaudiosi
January 23, 2015

Over 170,000 people from around the globe made the annual trek to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. In addition to a lot of cool new (and bigger) 4K TVs perfect for watching the Super Bowl, sports fans and fitness buffs found a lot of ways to stay in shape and perfect their game in 2015 and beyond. Below are five cool gadgets from CES 2015.

Virtuix Omni, Virtuix, April 30, $500

Courtesy of Virtuix

Virtual reality is becoming a reality later this year thanks to Facebook-owned Oculus VR’s Crescent Bay and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Both of those devices will work with this cool 360-degree treadmill, which allows anyone to walk and run through video game worlds -- burning calories while killing enemies. The device also works for any game system, which means you don’t need VR to immerse yourself in a game and get a great workout.

Biosport Earbuds, SMS Audio, Out Now, $150

Courtesy of SMS Audio

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has teamed up with Intel to provide this all-in-one solution for runners (and walkers). These earbuds utilize in-ear pulse sensors that sync with the RunKeeper fitness app to track your heart rate, pace, distance, elevation and calorie burn automatically –- no chest strap required. These headphones also self-charge while you work out.

Tao Chair, TAO-Wellness, Prototype Stage

Courtesy of TAO-Wellness

TAO-Wellness made a name for itself last year with the TAO WellShell mobile isometric exercise device. This year it unveiled a prototype TAO Chair that takes that technology into the family room. This white leather chair allows one to burn off calories while watching TV by performing subtle exercises aimed at strengthening core muscles. Small screens on the arms of the chair will track calories burned.

XON Snow-1, Cerevo, 2015, $500

Courtesy of Cerevo

Snowboarding just got cooler. Consumer technology company Cerevo has taken the plunge into the winter sport with the XON Snow-1 smart bindings. When connected to Cerevo’s app, boarders of all skill levels can get real-time analysis of each ride, including weight distribution, acceleration and center of gravity after the run. For those who want the complete picture, this data can be combined with a video of the run. The bindings light up during the actual run to help with minor adjustments.

Valedo, Hocoma, Out Now, $360

Courtesy of Hocoma

The more sports you play, the more likely you’ll experience lower back pain at some point. Hocoma can help alleviate this pain through the Valedo personal medical device, which comes with a pair of back sensors and connects to any tablet. There are 45 programmable exercises disguised as video games, which can be played for just a few minutes a day to keep your back strong.

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