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Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Lakers Rookies and Their Dolls

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How the Mighty Have Fallen

Tarik Black : @Lakers/Twitter

Tarik Black : @Lakers/Twitter

The 12-33 Lakers are, to put it kindly, a bit of a disaster right now. An injured Kobe Bryant is daydreaming about playing for Michael Jordan, Steve Nash is nowhere to be found and a defense-adverse player named Swaggy P has become the face of the franchise. On the bright side, coach Byron Scott is teaching the rookies a valuable lesson by making them carry dolls everywhere they go.

Richard Sherman's Biggest Fan

Richard Sherman has a lot of fans, including SI Swimsuit models and Cameron Diaz, but his biggest supporter may be 10-year-old Nate Semmier. The Idaho native has a custom-made Richard Sherman prosthetic leg. Semmier, whose left leg was amputated when he was two weeks old, met the Seahawks cornerback yesterday and got his leg autographed.

Average Salary of Four Major Sports

Did you know the average NHL salary ($2.58 million) is more than that of the NFL ($2 million)?

Lovely Lady of the Day

I was having somewhat of an existential crisis until I read this inspiring tweet from Kennedy Summers. She earns today's LLOD honors (click here for full-size gallery).

Jeff Van Gundy vs. Chicago Bulls

The NBA has its next great feud. While we're on the subject of Van Gundy, did you know he had a full head of hair in college? 

Perfect Example of Deflategate Problem: Who to Believe

Story 1: Neil deGrasse Tyson Isn’t Buying Bill Belichick’s Explanation For Deflategate

Story 2: Neil DeGrasse Tyson bungles science of Deflategate scandal

Dear NFL. Can you please, please make some type of decision soon. This is the best Super Bowl matchup in ages and your indecision is ruining it. 

Ryan Leaf's First Tweet in 1,034 Days

NBA's Newest Uniforms

Rooting for Seattle?

Basketball Meets Soccer

Shield Your Eyes!

Odds & Ends

Marisa Tomei, who has become an unlikely figure in the NFL the past few days, weighed in on Deflategate ... The San Francisco GiantsBatkid is headed to the big screen ... Craig Biggio isn't sure which Astros hat to display on his Hall of Fame plaque ... Joe Biden was really excited to meet Aaron Rodgers ... Two profiles worth reading: The N.Y. Times Magazine on Tom Brady and Vulture on Larry David ... Gallery: Scenes from Super Bowl XLIX ... Penn State coachJames Franklin doesn't want his players to settle for a grade of B ... Wade Boggs loves his beer ... Doritos wants you to pick its Super Bowl ad ... The next weapon against cancer: Unboiled egg whites.

J.J. Watt Does It All

The Texans star gets Jimmy Kimmel a latte .. and takes down everyone in his path.

Making of the Manute Bol Bobblehead

​Behind-the-scenes on the making of the world's tallest bobblehead.

Louis CK on Deflategate

The Boston native weighs in.


Coach K Addresses Team

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski speaks to his players in the locker room after recording his 1,000th victory.

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