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Same plane used to fly Seahawks, Patriots to Super Bowl

The NFL is determined to ensure fair play among its teams, as evidenced by the same plane taking the Seahawks and Patriots to the Super Bowl.

The NFL is determined to ensure fair play among its teams. So determined, in fact, that a situation of footballs being somewhat under-inflated for one half of a one-sided game has turned into a full-blown national scandal.

For this week's Super Bowl, that devotion to fairness in competition has taken the following form:

With all the attention surrounding the Super Bowl, it's not difficult to imagine analysts breaking down how the game would be affected by the Seahawks using a more comfortable plane than the Patriots or vice-versa, so kudos to the NFL for allowing us to forgo that conversation.

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However, some of the replies to that tweet bring up a salient point: The Seahawks had use of the plane first, so they feasibly could've trashed it to try and get the Patriots out of their comfort zones for the flight to Arizona.

If the plane wasn't sparkling clean for New England's trip, don't be surprised if Bill Belichick asks his buddies in the league office to investigate that as well.

Ben Estes