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Super Bowl DBs Earl Thomas and Devin McCourty are safety experts

Patriots free safety Devin McCourty and Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas are facing off in this year's Super Bowl, but they've already been pitted against each other in another venue. 

McCourty and Thomas were both featured in's Funniest People in Sports giving free safety advice to strangers. Thomas made sure the people of Seattle knew how to cross the street in the safest manner possible, while McCourty educated Bostonians about the importance of thoroughly cooking their meats. 

But who had the better advice? Let's take a look at their top five tips.

Earl Thomas, Seahawks safety

5. Practice gun safety when loading your musket. 

While both safeties offered some pretty wise suggestions, McCourty did a much better job of thinking outside the box and highlighting oft-overlooked areas of concern. We'll declare him the winner for now, but let's see them decide it on the field on Sunday. 

- Dan Gartland