Elton Brand has a pretty lame excuse for not settling a bet with Kyle Korver

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Elton Brand of the Atlanta Hawks was a guest on SI Now Wednesday, where host Maggie Gray grilled him on his unpaid debts. 

Brand and sharpshooter Kyle Korver apparently had a wager about whether Korver would dunk in a game before Brand hit a three-pointer. Korver actually has two dunks this season, after going more than two seasons without one. Brand hasn't even attempted a three. 

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Korver won the bet, but Brand is refusing to pay the $100.

"It was a joke, it wasn't an actual bet," Brand tried to explain. "We didn't shake on it. We didn't pinky swear or anything. It was a joke." 

When a guy doesn't pay his debts in a movie he gets his kneecaps broken, so Brand better pay up or risk missing the rest of the season. 

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- Dan Gartland