By Extra Mustard
February 18, 2015

James Andrew Miller, author of the ESPN oral history Those Guys Have All the Fun confirmed on Monday that he's working on a screenplay to turn his book into a movie, which leads to a couple of obvious questions: Who's going to be in it and what will it be called?

ESPN's Keith Olbermann took a stab at casting and titling the movie on his show Wednesday. 

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Olbermann says to let Jason Biggs play Rich Eisen. Benedict Cumberbatch can play Dan Patrick and Tony Kornheiser can be played by either Larry David or Paul Giamatti.

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Some of Olbermann's ideas for a title include "Fifty Shades of Jim Gray," "The Perfect Hannah Storm," "American Kiper" and "Charley Steiner and the Chocolate Factory." You can go wrong with any of them.

- Dan Gartland

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