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The Milwaukee Brewers are holding their "Arctic Tailgate" on Saturday, but it's going to be too cold to allow the annual camping. 

By Extra Mustard
February 24, 2015

The Milwaukee Brewers are holding their annual "Arctic Tailgate" on Saturday, where fans for some reason camp outside — some for multiple days — in the winter in order to be the first to purchase individual game tickets.

Apparently, even arctic tailgates have their limits. It's going to be so cold this year, the Brewers had to cancel the camping aspect and forbid people from showing up earlier than 5 a.m. on Saturday, due to "frigid overnight temperatures expected for Thursday and Friday."

Madison Bumgarner goes full Paul Bunyan at camp

The forecast for Thursday in Milwaukee calls for a low of -2 degrees, with a low of zero on Friday, which is certainly colder than anyone should tolerate to buy Brewers tickets. 

Meanwhile, the team is in warm, sunny Maryvale, Ariz., for spring training, where the high is 78 degrees on Friday. Maybe they should hold a tailgate there. 

- Molly Geary

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