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Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Bill Belichick all have unclaimed money in Mass.

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and David Ortiz are on luminaries on the unclaimed funds list in Massachusetts, according to The Boston Globe.  

In Massachusetts, like most states, corporations who owe customers money and are not able to contact them are required to turn that information over to the state so it can publish a public list of money owed. Well, this year's listing has some very big names on it, according to The Boston Globe.

In addition to grabbing their fourth Super Bowl rings, Tom Brady is owed a $265.62 American Express gift card, while Bill Belichick has a $300 refund from General Electric waiting for him if he wants it.

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David Ortiz and Drew Bledsoe also have money waiting for them in the commonwealth, with Big Papi getting $182 from Western Union and Drew Bledsoe leaving behind $55.93 at Children's Hospital.


The money can come from a variety of sources, like abandoned bank accounts, accidental overpayments and insurance payouts, and range from a single penny all the way to a Cambridge company owed $1.3 million, reports The Globe.

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It is not just sports stars with their names on the list, but also the President of the United States, who is owed $312.46 from Comcast.

In years past, celebrities have appeared on the list for more sizeable sums, with Pedro Martinez once collecting $136,617.00 in unpaid checks.

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Brendan Maloy