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An English soccer player made sure a referee's injure would not be overlook, outlining the ref's body with his vanishing spray.

By Extra Mustard
March 20, 2015

Normally sports injuries aren't a laughing matter, but leave it to a quick-thinking Englishman to find the humor in just such a situation.

Scott Harrison, a defender for Hartlepool United in England's League 2, did just that on Thursday when referee Patrick Miller went down suddenly with what appeared to be a knee injury. 

Several players gathered around the stricken Miller, and Neil Austin, Harrison's teammate, picked up the vanishing spray referees use to mark out placement for free kicks and handed it to Harrison.

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What happened next is pure English wit.

Hartlepool went on to defeat their opponent, Oxford United, and Harrison likely deserves credit for not only clearly indicating where the injured ref was located, but also for keeping the mood light in the midst of spirited match.

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- Christopher Woody

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