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'Ping-Pong Go Round' is table tennis for multitaskers

Lee Wen, an artist from Singapore, has created Ping-Pong Go Round, an interactive art installation allowing multiple players to play at once.

Ping-pong fans with an eye for multitasking, this one's for you.

Singaporean artist Lee Wen is taking around the world "Ping-Pong Go Round," an interactive art exhibit that allows several people to play at once.

The portable set has visited multiple locations across southeast Asia and Australia, and according to Wen's website, was first put to use in April 1998 in Melbourne, Australia.

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A round Ping-Pong table was made out of plywood. It was made up of 15 tabletops to be set up as doughnut shaped. The diameter was 6 meters across. Players play from inside to another player on the outside.

The exhibit was most recently on display at Art Basel in Hong Kong and is set to appear in Turkey and Singapore this year.

[h/t Neatorama]

Mike Fiammetta