Cubs fans were not happy with the bathroom situation at the under-construction Wrigley Field. 

By Extra Mustard
April 05, 2015

Despite some rebuilding during the off-season, the Cubs fell 3-0 to the Cardinals on Opening Night 2015. 

But while a Cubs loss to open the season isn't too much of a surprise, the literal rebuilding of Wrigley Field appears to have rankled a number of Cubs fans who watched the season opener at The Friendly Confines on Sunday. 

Cubs fans took to Twitter to complain about absurdly long bathroom lines. Some who didn't want to wait simply urinated in a cup.  

Some Cubs fans resorted to peeing in cups rather than waiting in line. 

The one positive of the long lines: Fans were able to watch less of the Cubs' shutout loss. 

- Stanley Kay

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