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Jameis Winston does his impression of Denzel Washington in "Remember the Titans."

By Extra Mustard
April 23, 2015

Jameis Winston will be officially off to the NFL in one week, but while he waits the ACC Network asked him to do an impression from the sports classic "Remember the Titans."

So Winston did his best Denzel Washington impression in delivering one of the most famous speeches from the movie. It's the one when coach Herman Boone demands perfection from his players "in every aspect of the game."

Boone probably wouldn't have been too amused by Winston's Rose Bowl fumble, so Jameis can be thankful he wasn't around to "break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts" afterwards. 

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Winston did a pretty good job, and if you need a refresher on how Washington delivered it in the movie you can see part of the original scene below.

[SB Nation]

- Molly Geary

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