Move over, tooth fairy.

By SI Wire
May 06, 2015

Move over, tooth fairy.

Retired U.S. Olympic champ Bryan Clay, former gold and silver medalist in decathlon (2008, 2004), implemented some unorthodox parenting techniques this week, posting a video on Twitter in which he removed his daughter's loose bottom tooth with, you guessed it, a javelin.

Before you ask any questions, a quick play-by-play.

The video begins with Clay brandishing his javelin. Quick camera pan to the left, where his daughter sports a half-grin. "Say goodbye to the tooth!" the person behind the camera says to her. She offers a bemused goodbye, we zoom out, and she proceeds to stake her claim as the toughest, presumably under-10 child on the planet as her dad lets loose a throw.

Her reaction is priceless. As another child goes to retrieve the tooth, Clay's daughter hits us with a high-level, stone cold punchline.

"Can I have water?"

Watch below.

Clay later confirmed that the tooth fairy would indeed be making a visit.

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