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The Olympic rings that hung from Sydney's Harbour Bridge during the 2000 Olympics are for sale on Ebay.

By SI Wire
May 11, 2015

The Olympic rings that hung from Sydney's Harbour Bridge during the 2000 Olympics are for sale on Ebay, but no one has bid to buy them.

The bidding starts at $7,890, but not a single bid has been placed as of Monday night. The rings "could be used for igloo-type buildings," the seller wrote in the item's description.

The unnamed seller told Australia's Goulburn Post that he acquired the rings when he bought the building they're being stored in. He emailed the country's Olympic committee but they never got back to him.

"I bought the building the Rings were made in, but I need the shed space," the man said. "They’ve got to go." 

"They’re massive things, but structurally they’re in perfect condition. The strip lighting is buggered but other than that they’re fine."

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The steel rings are 115 feet tall and 246 feet wide, and weigh 40 to 50 tons. 

The iconic bridge was one of the centerpieces of the Sydney Olympics, with runners crossing it during the marathon and a fireworks show during the closing ceremony.

- Dan Gartland

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