Frank Kaminsky's dream entourage might have a bit of a strange dynamic. 

By Extra Mustard
May 20, 2015

Frank Kaminsky's dream entourage might have a bit of a strange dynamic.

Kaminsky, who is preparing for next month's NBA draft, appeared on SI Now on Wednesday. With the Entourage movie's release on June 3, SI Now host Maggie Gray asked Kaminsky who would be in his dream entourage. 

Kaminsky first selected Rob Gronkowski, who is a can't-miss prospect for any dream entourage. To put it in Entourage terms, Gronk has the brashness of Ari Gold, the lady skills of Vince Chase and the defined calves Johnny Drama always wanted. 

The former Wisconsin forward's next pick, however, isn't a jock: He's the richest man in the world, Bill Gates. 

Frank Kaminsky takes over SI's Twitter account

"He can finance everything," Kaminsky said. Well played. 

Kaminsky admitted that while he wants to be the Vinny Chase of his entourage, he wasn't sure if he had reached Vince status yet. 

The full video is above. 

- Stanley Kay


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