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During an interview that began with him schilling for his personal line of barbecue sauce, former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Horn lashed out at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, calling him "The Devil."

By Extra Mustard
May 26, 2015

An interview that began with former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Joe Horn schilling for his personal line of barbecue sauce ended with him lashing out at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, calling him "The Devil," and expressing dismay that rookie players hug the commissioner on stage at the NFL draft.

After the interview, published Tuesday on, meandered past revelations on the Canadian Football League and Horn's distaste for flying, he was asked to give his thoughts on the current state of the NFL.

Quoth Horn:

"I don’t like what Roger Goodell is doing. He has so much power that he can almost shut people down. I just don’t like him. And I don’t like that on draft day these kids don’t know that they’re hugging the devil."

Horn took a breath, and continued.

"I hate to see kids that are lost and then happy but they really don’t know that the man they’re hugging will rip their throat apart. If he has an opportunity to take money from them, or there’s a situation where they’re guilty before they go to court, he’ll rip them apart. And there’s nothing no one can do about it. If the owners are happy with Roger Goodell, the fans, the media, no one can take his job from him. I hate it."

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When asked about the exact nature of Goodell's offense, Horn said that Goodell worked for NFL owners and their interests as opposed to those of the players. 

"People like Cris Carter and Chris Berman, who can usually say what they want, they can’t say anything bad about Roger Goodell or he’ll cut their throats. They’re going to kiss his ass, too. They know their job could be snatched away by his power," he said.

Horn, who last played in 2007, amassed 8,744 receiving yards and 58 touchdowns across stints with the Saints, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons. 

During the 2003 season, Horn notably celebrated a touchdown catch by running to the end zone's goal post - in the padding of which he had hidden a cell phone - and miming a phone call. Horn was fined $30,000 for the celebration. 

You can read the full interview, in which Horn also opines on Deflategate (watch out!), over at The Football Girl.

- Will Green

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