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Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James said he loved Pitch Perfect 2 and Fat Amy, although he did briefly forget the name of the movie.

By Extra Mustard
June 03, 2015

Even in the heat of a NBA Finals run, LeBron James has time to catch a movie.

That was the news he broke on Wednesday, when he was asked by a reporter how things have developed off the court for him over his 12 NBA seasons. James, previously exceptionally straight-faced, loosened up after a moment of introspection to reveal that he recently saw Pitch Perfect 2—at a “regular movie theater,” no less.

Just like us normal, non-once-of-a-generation athletes, he enjoyed the movie and then forgot the name of it.

“I do normal stuff... I guess,” James said with a straight face that really didn’t seem convincing. “At a regular movie theater. I went to go see... I forgot the name of the movie, but... what's the movie with the girls and they be singing? Pitch Perfect 2, which is unbelievable. Fat Amy is awesome, I love her. Wherever you are, you’re awesome.”

Matthew Dellavedova has support of hometown newspaper

Well that movie review went from pretty underwhelming to solid really quickly.

Rebel Wilson, who plays Fat Amy in the movie, responded in kind later Wednesday.

Quality film thoughts from James—this could turn into a solid offseason idea.

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