A trailer for Sharknado 3 features Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as a gun-toting U.S. President.

By Extra Mustard
June 04, 2015

In a world only Sharknado 3 could bring us, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban takes center stage as the gun-toting, shark-hunting President of the United States.

That’s what the 20-second teaser for the Syfy film released Wednesday shows, at least. Other highlights abound as well, such as text overlays that look like they were cranked out using iMovie; a voiceover noting, “The biggest blockbusters come in threes;” a shark crashing onto the Lincoln Memorial; a cameo from NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski and much, much more.

There’s also the cast: Tara Reid, Frankie Muniz, David Hasselhoff, Rick Fox, Jerry Springer, Ann Coulter, Michele Bachmann and more are all listed on the film’s IMDB page. WWE legend Chris Jericho has also been spotted on set.

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This is all, quite evidently, ridiculous.

Lest we forget, though, Sharknado 2 pulled in 3.9 million viewers on its first showing and became Syfy’s most watched original movie. Not sure how much that’s saying, but that’s for another post. On Twitter, Nielsen's ratings said it generated 581,000 related tweets from 188,000 unique authors.

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So, here we are. The two-hour premiere of Sharknado 3 comes to Syfy July 22 at 9 p.m. ET.

- Mike FIammettai

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