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Several Pirates players helped the grounds crew lay down tarp during a rain delay in heavy winds. 

By Extra Mustard
July 07, 2015

Things went awry during a rain delay at PNC Park on Tuesday, causing several Pittsburgh Pirates players to come to the aid of the grounds crew.

The grounds crew was attempting to place the tarp on the infield when a huge gust of wind swept the tarp away. 

One worker in particular got swallowed up by the tarp as it caved in on itself, which is when multiple players, including Andrew McCutchen and Sean Rodriguez, raced from the edge of the field to help rescue the worker. Stephen J. Nesbitt of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that the worker is “sore and weary, but O.K.”

Once the tarp was under control, the players then helped the grounds crew spread it out over the infield and put it down.

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- Molly Geary

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