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As part of his crazy off-season, Jim Harbaugh spent some one-on-one time with five Supreme Court judges. 

By Extra Mustard
August 03, 2015

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is a man of many interests. 

You've seen him take an awkward selfie or two in France. You've heard him spin records. And you've been told legendary tales of his ability to adapt to any breakfast-related obstacle life throws his way.

Harbaugh's biggest interest, however, could be his love for the judiciary. We learned this back in March, when Harbaugh's day, and quite possibly his year, was made when he earned a Twitter response from Judge Judy.

Harbaugh scored a more impressive judge encounter in real life, we've just learned, as back in April the new Michigan coach kicked it with members of the Supreme Court, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Jim Harbaugh gives shout out to Nicki Minaj for her love of Michigan

The report says as Harbaugh roamed the halls of the Supreme Court offices, he found time to meet with five of the nine judges. 

He gifted Justice Elena Kagan a book. He looked at the Declaration of Independence with Chief Justice John Roberts. He even tried converting Justice Clarence Thomas into a part-time Michigan fan.

Such is the life of Harbaugh, a life we can never possibly hope to understand, but can always enjoy for its sheer ridiculousness. 


- Rohan Nadkarni

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