Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks: throwback lovely lady of the day Jaime Pressly; When Position Players Pitch

By Andy Gray
August 27, 2015

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When Position Players Take the Mound

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Marshawn Lynch, U.S. President

Don't laugh. Lynch is one of the handful of athletes whose names are among the 867 who have filed for president under the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Imagine what his State of the Union addresses would be like.

Pennsylvania High School Spends $200,000 on Gold Bleached Field Turf

Not sure who's controlling the budget at Belle Vernon Area High but there has to be a better use of that money. Though it does look nice.

Throwback Lovely Lady of the Day


I Ran the Beer Mile

Well, not me but Allen Kim, who sits in the office next door. Here's his tale.

Sad Tale of Virgil the Bodyguard

When we last caught up with Virgil, the former bodyguard of "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, he was hanging out in Grand Central Station, hoping someone would pay him for an autograph. Now he's claiming to be the father of WWE star Xavier Woods, which has as much truth as me being the father of this bat-flipping 4-year-old.

Today in Campus Clicks

Indiana football team ends practice with Slip 'N Slide ... DaVonte Wilson's amazing box jumps ... McNeese football gets interesting new uniforms.

This is Everything

I Want One of These

Future of Football Tackling Dummies

Usain Bolt vs. Segway

Odds & Ends

Derek Jeter says he is on Twitter, rickrolls fans​ ... Alex Rodriguez's former brother-in-law filed a $100 million civil suit against him​ ...  ... Travel tips with Harrison Barnes ... This fantasy football league has been around since 1979 ... I like Lousiville's new alternative uniforms ... The Cohen house from The OC is for sale at $6.25 million ... Ranking the hottest Carl's Jr. models of all time ... The greatest moments in sports cleavage history ... The annual World’s Best Colleges list is out... The best portable blue tooth speakers under $100 ... ... 20 bizarre world record collections. ... A school banned a Wonder Woman lunchbox because it violated dress codes​ ... Amy Schumer can rap now too. Just ask Talib Kweli

Best Birthday Cake Ever

If you're a Transformers fan, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Mascot of the Day

With all the sorority recruitment videos out there (and subsequent controversy they can cause), Oregon mascot Puddles made his own recruitment video to join him at Autzen Stadium.

Drew Brees, X-Box Nerd

Good ad, featuring a nerdy Saints quarterback, RIchard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch and Clay Matthews. 

Part-Time Lover

I go back and forth on whether this song is tremendous or tremendously cheesy. I'm leaning toward the former right now.

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