Watch Floyd Mayweather, Isaiah Thomas play pickup

Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas squared off against Floyd Mayweather in pickup basketball. Not surprisingly, Thomas won.
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So four-year NBA veteran Isaiah Thomas and Floyd Mayweather squared off in a pickup basketball game recently. Guess who won?

Thanks to Showtime Sports, we have proof that Thomas and his squad wiped the floor with Mayweather’s team. You know, in case Floyd tried to convince anyone otherwise.

The clip begins with Mayweather taking a break from training for his Sept. 12 bout against Andre Berto and hyping the matchup with Thomas on the court. He blusters on about how he “taught the boy how to play basketball,” which, of course, is not true. Mayweather and Thomas did not meet until 2011.

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Thomas, to his credit, is a pretty good sport about the whole thing. Perhaps he knew his NBA skill set would pay off in pickup.