Tuesday’s P.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Emmy Rossum; Ronda Rousey talks retirement

By Dan Gartland
September 01, 2015

Is Rousey's Career Almost Over?


Melo Gets a VICE Series

VICE has a reputation for doing fearless reporting from war zones, so it only makes sense that it would partner with a guy from the Knicks. Carmelo Anthony is a founding partner of a new VICE channel called The Clubhouse, according to The New York Times. Melo will have his own series on the channel, in which he will travel around the world to look at sports culture.

People Still Love Joe Paterno

Beer cans honoring former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno are flying off the shelves in Western Pennsylvania, to the tune of a million cans a week. “In the beginning, there was some reluctance,” said Mark Dudash, owner of the company. “[But] one distributor would order one palette, then the next day four palettes and then next day a half of a truckload. ...We had hoped by the fifth Penn State game to have sold 500 barrels worth. We're up to 3,000 barrels already.”

P.M. Lovely Lady of the Day

. (Click here for full-size gallery.)

Google Has a New Look

Your internet experience will never be the same. Google, the one website everyone uses, has a new logo. Change is terrifying. 

Vince Wilfork Has a Better Look

It's Not What You Think It Is

Vin Scully is the Best, Part 1,841

Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford’s infant daughter was spotted using an iPhone in Monday night’s game, much to the amazement of 87-year-old Vin Scully.

The Perfect Sequel to the Duck Vine

Odds & Ends

The NFL’s quest to dominate every aspect of American life took another step forward with Tuesday’s announcement that the traditional Tuesday media day at the Super Bowl is now a made-for-TV event on the Monday night before the game ... We have a cool story from Tim Newcomb on how baseball teams put those cool logos in centerfield ... A Virginia teen pretended to be a cop and got busted when he tried to pull over a real cop ... SB Nation photoshopped Andre Agassi’s glorious 90s mullet onto the tennis stars of today ... Kanye’s presidential bid has the blessing of the White House ... Wanna see some GIFs of Vladimir Putin working out? VICE Sports has you covered

Beast Mode Does Infomercials

Australian TV Host Petrified of Enormous Shark


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