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Texas A&M quarterback Conner McQueen is pulling out all the stops before the Aggies’ game against Arizona State. 

By Extra Mustard
September 05, 2015

Texas A&M quarterback Conner McQueen has quickly become one of Extra Mustard's favorite players.

Does he start? Nope. Do we expect huge things from him this season? Not really. 

No, Conner McQueen isn't a star in the traditional sense. He's just very serious about the Aggies’ upcoming game against the Arizona State Sun Devils. 

McQueen is so serious about the game he won't use a fork to eat his breakfast. The Sun Devils’ mascot, of course, carries a pitchfork with him. And McQueen isn't about to show any signs of solidarity:

McQueen's important protest spread to his team's fans:

College football is back.

- Rohan Nadkarni



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