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Despite her inability to decide whether Tom Brady is guilty or not, Miss Georgia won the 2015 Miss America pageant. 

By Extra Mustard
September 13, 2015

Miss Georgia, Betty Cantrell, won the 2015 Miss America pageant, but it wasn’t because she nailed the question and answer portion. 

To be fair, Cantrell only had 20 seconds to decide what took the NFL months: “Did Tom Brady cheat?”

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“I think I’d have to be there to see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not deflated,” Cantrell responded. “But if there was question there, then yes, I think he cheated. If there was any question to be had, I think that he definitely cheated and that he should have been suspended for that. That’s not fair.”

Is the NFL going to call her as an expert witness when Brady’s case is heard the Second Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals?

- Dan Gartland

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