Thursday A.M. Hot Clicks examines a Must-See Cowboys fan and features Katherine Henderson as lovely lady of the day. 

By Andy Gray
September 16, 2015

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How Bout Them Cowboys!

Dallas is off to a 1-0 start this season after defeating the Giants in a game the Cowboys had no business winning. And nobody is more excited about that than this fan. Nobody. 

This is a Great Ad

It's almost hockey season and Slappy, mascot of the ECHL Kalamazoo Wings, can hardly contain his excitement.

Quick Rant

I respect Russell Wilson and Ciara for deciding to remain celibate until marriage, but their need to talk about it constantly (such as here and here and here and here) makes it more annoying than anything else. The funniest part of it is that before Ciara, Wilson was rumored to be dating SI Swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes. And trust me, things would probably be different in the bedroom.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Caddies Pay Homage to Bill Murray

Bill Murray and his five brothers were inducted into the Caddie Hall of Fame Wednesday night. Did you know how brother Brian wrote the script for Caddyshack? Did you know there's a Caddie Hall of Fame? Bet you didn't expect to learn so much when you clicked on Hot Clicks this morning.

Good Guy Alert

As much as P.K. Subban annoys me on the ice, I have to tip my hat to him. The Canadians star donated $10 million to Montreal Children's Hospital, which is the biggest philanthropic commitment by a sports figure in Canadian history.

The Dream is Alive

There's finally an ice cream that tastes like pizza.

Newspaper Movie Ads From the '70s

If this doesn't make you want to see Star Wars, what will?

No Thank You

South Park on Deflategate

Odds & Ends

Ronda Rousey weighed in on which MMA fighter should be the next to pose for SI Swimsuit ... The 20 worst Madden glitches of all time ... Police found a stolen Red Sox 2004 World Series ring during a drug raid​ ... How the Rams built a laboratory to get through to their young roster ... James Harden seems to be enjoying his $200 million Adidas contract ... 10 best heel turns in WWE history ... Poor Bartolo Colon. Now mascots are making fun of him ... It's Taylor Swift's world. We're all just living in it ... Terrell Owens is in some legal trouble, thanks to an altercation at Starbucks ... Someone take Blake Bortles's foot out of his mouth ... This animal-loving couple built an 11-foot-long bed so they can sleep with their pets ... You couldn't pay me $100 to eat this (just kidding, I'd do it for $50, but it's still gross) ... Lastly, remember that 100-yard long sausage at Lambeau Field I mentioned in Hot Clicks earlier this week? Sam at Badger Sheet Metal Works wrote in to tell me he's a huge Hot Clicks fan and that his company created the 360-foot grill required to make it. So if you need to cook a 100-yard long piece of meat, Sam can hook you up.

DeMarco Murray vs. Eagles Backdrop

This never would've happened if he were still in Dallas.

Happy Birthday, Rasheed Wallace

Here's a compilation of Rasheed yelling "Ball don't lie" 

What Did That Robot Say?

Linda, the artificial intelligent robot guest on BBC Breakfast, is either saying "thank you" or something much ruder

Stuck in a Moment

Mick Jagger joins U2 during the 25th anniversary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert in 2009.


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