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Here’s Extra Mustard’s drinking game for this week’s edition of Thursday Night Football. 

By Extra Mustard
September 24, 2015

Welcome back!

Last week’s drinking game was such an aggressively mild success Extra Mustard is back with a fresh batch for Week 3. As we noted in the previous installment, Thursday Night Football is usually a slopfest, so you may as well join in. We also encourage—no—we mandate you to drink responsibly.

This week, the New York Giants are taking on the Washington Redskins in a matchup worthy of your cheapest beer:

Responsibly sip your drink when

  • Someone mentions the Pope
  • Tom Coughlin is shown angrily reacting to something
  • Eli Manning does his weird shoulder shrug
  • Someone mentions Kirk Cousins’s potential
  • A Giants safety goes down with an injury
  • Someone says “the Meadowlands”
  • Cousins airmails a receiver
  • Any time Jim Nantz reads a promo for 2 Broke Girls or The Big Bang Theory

  • You hear the phrase “storied franchise”

Refill your drink when

  • Manning throws an interception
  • Cousins throws an interception
  • An announcer tries to mask the horrible offensive play by describing the game as a “defensive struggle”
  • You’re shown a montage of Odell Beckham Jr. catches

Pour one out when

  • Someone mentions Robert Griffin’s rookie season followed by a shot of him on the sideline

Responsibly finish your drink when

  • The announcers have a Jason Pierre-Paul discussion
  • The Giants lose a fourth quarter lead

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