Mean adult takes kid’s football at game, Cardinals do a nice thing

Good job, Cardinals.
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After Chris Johnson’s impressive, weaving, 26-yard touchdown run in the first quarter of the Cardinals’ victory over the Ravens on Monday night, something annoying happened. 

Johnson tried to give the ball to a young fan sitting in the end zone. He was very specific about it, and cameras caught it. But as Johnson turned around, the ball got knocked to the ground.

It ended up in the hands of another fan, who was an adult, and who would not give it back to that kid. 


The kid’s dad took to Facebook to air his grievances. And resident internet arbiter of justice Montel Williams (he probably follows you on Twitter, too) caught it. 

The Cardinals stepped up, got the kid a signed Carson Palmer football, and took him down onto the field.

Thanks, Cardinals. Thanks, Carson Palmer.

And thanks, Montel.

Jeremy Woo