Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks examines the World Series broadcast issues and features Tugba Ercan as lovely lady.

By Andy Gray
October 27, 2015

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World Series Round-Up

The Kansas City Royals defeated the New York Mets 5-4 in 14 innings to take a 1-0 series lead in the World Series. Among the highlights: The rain didn't keep Royals fans from tailgating ... Alcides Escobar hit an inside-the-park home run on the game's first pitch ... Royals pitcher Salvador Perez had a suspicious substance on his shin guard ... There was a Mets puppy parade ... Edinson Volquez's father passed away before the game, and media outlets scrambled to get the correct story ... Fox lost its game feed in the fourth inning after a "rare electronics failure," causing a delay in the game (and many bad Twitter jokes). Tiffany Oshinsky can relate. 

Take That, Chuck

The NBA season opened Tuesday night. Stephen Curry scored 40 points, Kendrick Perkins looked like Kevin McHale (on one play, at least) and the Cavs lost after LeBron James's game-tying shot was blocked by Pau Gasol. But my favorite part was this Warriors T-shirt that takes a shot at Charles Barkley.

What Did Lenny Dykstra Say?

The former Mets and Phillies centerfielder appeared on Colin Cowherd's show Tuesday and claimed that he paid $500,000 for private investigators to follow umpires and gather dirt on them. He then used the information to make sure he received favorable calls at the plate.

Lovely Lady of the Day


The World's Most Expensive Cracker

A cracker that survived the 1912 sinking of the Titanic sold for $22,990 to an anonymous bidder.

Any Cubs Fans Have an Extra $10 Million?

There is a really small house on sale in Chicago for $9.8 million. Did I mention it's 538 feet away from home plate at Wrigley Field?

I Like That

Whoever Built This Wins Halloween

Odds & Ends

We gave Yelp reviews to top NFL players ... Nike's opening night sneakers for Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James ... Breaking down the favorite musicians of every NBA fanbase ... Someone had fun with Ryan Mallett's Wikipedia page ... Our favorite college fan photos of the week ... Seven most iconic goalie masks in NHL history ... The 911 call from John Henson's jewelry store visit has been released. I don't blame him for being upset ... Billy Joel performing the national anthem is bad luck for the Mets ... Ever want a beard like Kimbo Slice? Here's one easy way to do so ... Andrew Bogut is using his middle finger for his championship ring ... Russell Brand is not a fan of ex-wife Katy Perry ... And you wonder why I love Sam Hoopes ...  I like this dog who photobombed his owner's engagement photos ... A James Bond infographic ... A big thank you to the New Jersey Devils for inviting me to Tuesday night's game. If you're a fan and want to help in the fight against cancer, bid on this lavender warm-up jersey.

Brandon Armstrong Imitates Steph Curry

Bret Saberhagen Raps

If you're not sure who to root for in the World Series, this 1990 advertisement should sway you toward Kansas City. The heart-warming AT&T ad afterwards is also pretty special.. (H/T Uproxx)

Taylor Swift Joins the Heat

Madman Across the Water

Rolling Stone has a new interview with Warren Haynes on its website, which is a good excuse to show off this great Elton John cover.

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