Tuesday A.M. Hot Clicks features Danielle Robertson as lovely lady and takes a look at National Sandwich Day.

By Andy Gray
November 02, 2015

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Pickle on the Court!

Happy National Sandwich Day. Tiffany and I spent 15 minutes brainstorming how to create a sandwich-related video when we came across this clip of a stray pickle interrupting Monday night's Nets-Bucks game.

MNF Round-Up

Weird night in Carolina. The Panthers jumped out to a big lead, Andrew Luck was playing awful (5 of 16 for 40 yards and two interceptions) and rumors were flying that Chuck Pagano could get fired. Then Luck got hot in the fourth quarter (12 of 15, 143 yards, two touchdowns) and the game went to overtime, where Carolina won on a field goal after a bad Luck (no pun intended) interception. The highlight of the game, however, may have been the "Dump Dominion" protesters who interrupted the game with giant banners during the second half.

Nice Gesture Alert

The San Francisco Giants bought 25 pizzas for the crew working at Kauffman Stadium preparing for the post-World Series craziness. They were paying it forward as the Red Sox did the same for them the previous year.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Brandon S. from Phoenix requested Australian model/law student Danielle Robertson be LLOD. We can never have too many model/law students, especially ones who look like Danielle (click here for full-size gallery). 

One Way to Propose

Clint Crumpton is an Auburn equipment manager and the guy who holds the team's offensive play call signs during games. Can you guess how he proposed to his longtime girlfriend?

Did You Know?

New York Times crossword puzzle guru Will Shortz is the legal guardian of the United States' best ping-pong player.

The Votes Are In. Hot Clicks' Three Favorite Halloween Costumes Are...

Odds & Ends

Kansas City students are getting the day off for the Royals parade. If I were an obnoxious Boston fan, I'd make a joke about how if this happened in Beantown, kids would never go to school ...  James Harden's bobblehead looks nothing like James Harden ... ​This 9-year old has a ridiculous handle ... Gregg Popovich on sports: "Sports are boring." ...  Bud Black will not manage the Nationals because their contract offer was so crappy ... Golden State beat Memphis by 50 points. I predict the Warriors will break the Bulls' 72-win record ... Think a lost shoe is going to prevent Kevin Durant from scoring? ...  Colin Kaepernick got benched and the internet had many reactions ... ​Thoroughly enjoyed this piece looking at one day at Panda Express ... 20 mug shots of famous musicians ... Subway is offering 2-for-1 subs today ... FYI: There was no actual voting for Hot Clicks' three favorite Halloween costumes. I just thought it added more gravitas to pretend there was an actual vote.

Mount Union is My New Favorite Division III Football Team

Any team that interrupts practice to have its coaches imitate WWE ring entrances deserves recognition.

Shawn Bradley Comparisons Can End Now

Hidden Fridge Alert

Not really sure why he can't just go into the kitchen and grab a beer instead of building this whole contraption. But pretty awesome. (H/T Radass)


Land Down Under (acoustic version)

You should all follow the @concertvault Twitter account, which tweeted this out Monday. 

Land Down Under (regular version)

This version is much better, in my opinion.

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