Wednesday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Cindy Mello and examine the return of the Mississippi State Superfan.

By Andy Gray
November 17, 2015

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The Stingray Returns

Good news, college football fans. Mississippi State superfan Steven (Stingray) Ray has come out of retirement with another epic rant. Tiffany Oshinsky has the story. 

Warning to Paralympic Cheaters

From the "I had no idea this happens" department, competitors cheat at the Paralympics, and the International Paralympic Committee is cracking down on it. Athletes will no longer be allowed to sit on their scrotums or clamp off catheters to fill their bladders in order to boost adrenaline and performance. In other words, the IPC isn't playing around anymore.

Misspelled Jersey Alert

Stars goalie Antti Niemi became the latest athlete to put on his game jersey only to find his name spelled incorrectly. In fact, SI has been keeping an ongoing gallery of notable jersey miscues for the past few years. My favorite remains the Giants somehow spelling San Francisco wrong in 2010.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Feel-Good Story of the Day

If the hug at the end of this doesn't get you, we can't be friends.

Noah Syndegaard Sprawls Out

Noah Syndergaard has made it a habit of attending sporting events and sprawling himself out on the court/field/ice/whatever. We tapped into our Photoshop expertise to envision the Mets hurler doing so in a number of random places. My favorite is the Muhammad Ali-Cleveland Williams fight.

We Need a Cell Phone Version

Hate When That Happens

Odds & Ends

Kristaps Porzingis busted out a "Dream Shake" in Tuesday night's win over the Hornets ... Michael (Venom) Page is poised to be the face of Bellator ... The Hawks are honoring Dikembe Mutombo with a great giveaway ... Brazzers is now taking shots at Ronda Rousey ... It's only a matter of time before Rex and Rob Ryan coach on the same staff ... Fans in Turkey booed a moment of silence for France ... Rob Gronkowski may be the NFL's best tight end but still needs work on his spelling ... Congrats to Canada's Lewis Kent, who set a new world record for the Beer Mile (4:51:90) ... I'm going to throw up from all the PR speak in these statements by the Browns and Johnny Manziel ... Interesting way to enjoy a college football game ... Loving the Kevin Owens-Sabrina the Teenage Witch Twitter fight.

Cam Newton Dance PSA

Thanks to The Cauldron for this masterpiece.

Anyone Seen a Tooth?

Mike Fisher and Kevin Bieksa exchange punches during Tuesday night's Predators-Ducks game. One of these two has one less tooth than he did at this point yesterday.

Short Shorts. Long Splash

Ballers: Season 1 Trailer

I still haven't seen HBO's Ballers, but the first season is now available for download on Digital HD, and I plan to binge watch this weekend. 

Happy Birthday, Kevin Nealon

I still think Nealon is one of the most underrated comics out there. 

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