The Lakers didn’t need this.

By Extra Mustard
November 24, 2015

The Lakers didn’t need this.

On a night where the Golden State Warriors, attempting to set a record with a 16–0 start, are handily ahead of the Lakers 54–38 at halftime, things somehow managed to get worse for Los Angeles.

During a timeout in the second quarter, a fan hit a free throw, then a mid-range jumper, then a three-pointer to win haircuts for everyone in the arena.

On the surface, this is a harmless occurrence. Oracle Arena got louder, and this lucky fan went absolutely bananas.

What happened next was a bit much.

The fan, after a hefty bit of celebrating, pointed at the Lakers bench, and made a motion across his throat.

Not cool! Nick Young never did anything to you.

I hope he gets a bowl cut when he goes for his free haircut.

- Kenny Ducey

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