8-year-old fan gives Hawks coach advice for stopping LeBron

A young Hawks fan named Eli went to the library to help Atlanta coach Mike Budenholzer come up with a strategy to shut down LeBron. 
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LeBron James finished two assists shy of a triple-double when the Cavs beat the Hawks on Saturday, and an eight-year-old Atlanta fan named Eli doesn’t want it to happen again.

Eli checked out a book from the library, found some information he thought might be useful to Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer and decided to send him a letter with his scouting report.

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Unfortunately for Coach Bud, the book in question came out in 2007 (it may be even older than Eli is) and LeBron seems to have reconfigured his website to eliminate the potentially damaging section. Looks like Budenholzer will have to stick to watching tape. 

- Dan Gartland

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