Your Thanksgiving Hot Clicks feature the lovely Shay Mitchell and our picks for Turkeys of the Year.

By Andy Gray
November 23, 2015

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Programming Note: There will be one version of Hot Clicks today and Friday. Plan accordingly, and Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

2015 Turkeys of the Year

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Random Things For Which I'm Thankful 

Minor league baseball-themed jerseys ... Timofey Mozgov's commercials ... The Giants (Full House) and Pirates (Family Matters) for giving new life to '80s TV theme songs ... Pro wrestling-themed weddings ... When athletes surprise fans who are wearing their jerseys ... Jaromir Jagr and his "I don't care" attitude ... Russell Westbrook's wardrobe ... Panicstream's miscellaneous streams section for giving me every concert I could ever want ... Buffalo Bills fans and their pregame antics ... Dancing in the dugout ... The New Day.


The NFL Network thought it would be fun to have fans ask Jerry Jones questions about the Cowboys and put the best tweets on air. It did not go as planned. Shocking.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Toddler Turkey Races

Toddlers racing in turkey outfits. What more could a person want on Thanksgiving Day?

Take That, UW-Madison Police

A fan was booted from a Wisconsin football game and got his revenge by sending 20 dozen coconut donuts to the UW-Madison police. They ended up having a nice exchange and now they're all BFF.

Fantasy Thanksgiving

Jose Bautista Bat Flip Sweater

Holiday Season Has Arrived

Odds & Ends

Play Extra Mustard's Thanksgiving drinking game ... Victor Oladipo has a great voice (and isn't afraid to pick up women with it) ... Great story about a NFL player and his random act of kindness ... Blaine Gabbert was the only person to attend his press conference ... Jason Kidd will definitely get fined for this ... Ryan Fitzpatrick shaved his beard ... Genevieve Morton. Wet T-shirt competition ... Top five Native-inspired logos in the hockey ... How Detroit became home for Thanksgiving football ... Ten amazing Thanksgiving menus ... Proper way to carve a turkey.

Drake Announces Raptors Starting Lineups

Carolina Panthers Love Adele


@adele #hello music video starring @lkuechly @fozzywhitt ben jacobs @gregolsen88 and myself lol #keeppounding #panthers

A video posted by Jonathan Stewart (@jonathanstewar1) on

One Idea For Wedding Photographer

This couple ditched the traditional wedding photographer and opted instead to tie a GoPro to their dog's back.

Does She Realize Live?

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