What do Stephen Curry and DJ Khaled have in common? (Besides success)

Stephen Curry and DJ Khaled have developed a common interest, far beyond their generally-shared penchant for success.
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Stephen Curry and DJ Khaled have developed a common interest, far beyond their generally-shared penchant for success.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Curry discussed the merits of sensory-deprivation tanks, which place users in total darkness and lets them float in 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, which, as you might expect, deprives them of, yes, their senses. It’s conducive to relaxation, rest and banging three-pointers from behind Andrew Bogut screens 35 feet away from the basket, if you’re into that.

The Warriors have been trying these relaxation pods lately, and have not lost a basketball game this season. The Patriots have one in their locker room. Another one.

Might there be a trend here?


A recent addition to your training regiment is floating. You're among several Warriors who now regularly spend one-hour sessions floating in water with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt inside sensory-deprivation tanks. What does that do for you?

Curry: It's an opportunity to relax, for one. When I get in that tank, I lean back, try to take a couple of deep breaths, ground myself and commence the floating.

Bringing it full circle, the magnanimous hip-hop entity DJ Khaled also preaches the value of salt water, and though he may not have tried this newfangled technology yet, he might be easy to convince. He’s been delivering various lessons on increasing one’s individual level of success on his extremely popular Snapchat account.

The healing. It’s really, really intriguing. After witnessing the Warriors in person over the weekend, these two major co-signs have pretty much persuaded me to go try this wondrous technology for myself.

After writing this post I did some research, and what is supposedly the largest floating facility on the East Coast is located in Brooklyn. Meet you over there.

- Jeremy Woo