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Redskins appear to be running fan Twitter account in support of name

The Washington Redskins accidentally revealed they were running a supposed fan account. 

The Washington Redskins’ social media writer may be in trouble.

The Redskins may have revealed accidentally on Sunday that they have been running the “Redskins Facts” Twitter account, an account that was supposedly run by fans who support the team’s name. A tweet from the Redskins Facts account was deleted, then the exact same tweet was sent from the Redskins official account shortly after.

We called the companies the Redskins called offensive

The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg caught the snafu:


The Redskins Facts account was said to be created by fans who do not believe Washington needs to change its team name. An investigation by Slate revealed the account is actually run by a public relations firm.

A federal judge upheld the removal of the Redskins’ trademark on the name earlier this year.