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Plymouth Argyle manager Derek Adams says his team lost to Cambridge United because there was algae on the grass. 

By Extra Mustard
December 14, 2015

An English soccer coach says his team lost because the grass on the field was covered in algae.

No, that isn’t Jose Mourinho’s excuse for Chelsea’s defeat at Leicester City on Monday. Plymouth Argyle manager Derek Adams says his club dropped a match in England’s fourth-tier league because algae made for a slippery playing surface.

Plymouth lost at home to Cambridge United on Saturday when defender Peter Hartley fell down and allowed the visitors to score the winning goal. 

“It has an algae on the pitch, it has to be treated and hopefully that will be sorted in the week,” Adams said, according to the BBC. “That is the reason (for Hartley's slip).”

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“It really is astonishing how scientific these pitches are nowadays,” Adams continued.

It may sound like a made-up excuse, but Clemson and the University of Georgia have done extensive research on the algae-covered grass scourge. 

- Dan Gartland

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