Matt Rourke/AP

The Baltimore Ravens made sure rookies spared no expense at a team dinner. 

By Extra Mustard
December 22, 2015

Look, we at Extra Mustard do not condone hazing, but sometimes we’re required to share the news nonetheless.

The Baltimore Ravens recently had a team dinner and stuck the rookies with the bill, which cost a cool $11,561.52. (Before you freak out, that includes a 20% tip, so it wasn’t actually that bad. Just kidding, that’s horrible.)

The Ravens themselves first tweeted out a photo of the check, then deleted the image, probably because they don’t want to look like they’re okay with bullying. Fortunately, defensive tackle Carl Davis shared the damage with the world, and I have a couple questions. First of all, six dollars for shoestring fries? That’s highway robbery. I could see paying six big ones for curly fries or steak fries, but shoestring? Gimme a break.

Secondly. is it too late to bring back our fall intern? I could go for a Porcini Bone-In Ribeye.


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