A local restaurant offered Yoenis Cespedes a lifetime supply of crabs to sign with Orioles.

By Extra Mustard
January 15, 2016

On Friday, CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reported that the Baltimore Orioles had extended a five-year offer to free-agent outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. Shortly after, a local restaurant threw in a deal-sweetener.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood in Baltimore offered Cespedes, a noted seafood lover, free steamed crabs for life if he signs with the Orioles.

What makes this offer so effective is that Cespedes has been known to tear apart some seafood:

The restaurant also extended a lifetime supply of crab cakes to first baseman Chris Davis if he re-signs with the team, so they’re really pushing hard for the Orioles to contend in 2016.

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Let’s see the Mets call with some free Shake Shack burgers. We need a full-on bidding war.

- Kenny Ducey

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