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Hassan Whiteside used everyone’s favorite meme to shoot back at Chuck.

By Extra Mustard
January 22, 2016

Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside finished ninth among Eastern Conference frontcourt players in All-Star voting, despite launching a clever campaign.

After the final results were announced on Thursday night, the Inside The NBA crew debated which players should be selected as reserves. Despite some consideration from Shaq, Charles Barkley stood strongly against Whiteside.

“This kid here has so much potential, but he’s so inconsistent,” Barkley said. “He’s not even close to an All-Star. Not even close ... if he played defense and got rebounds, they wouldn’t be where they’re at in the standings.”

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You can watch the comments starting around the 3:22 mark below.


Whiteside took exception to Barkley’s comments, responding with the ‘Confused Nick Young’ meme.


When Chuck says you don't rebound enough but you top 5 rebounders in the NBA in less than 30 mins #FACTS

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Whiteside leads the league in blocked shots, ranks second in the league in field goal percentage, and is fifth in rebounding. Hassan’s caption does, indeed, contain facts.

May we suggest ‘Confused Hassan Whiteside’ next time?

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- Kenny Ducey

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