Peyton Manning endorsed Budweiser after winning the Super Bowl but he wasn’t paid to do it. 

By Extra Mustard
February 07, 2016

When Peyton Manning said just minutes after winning the Super Bowl that he was “gonna drink a lot of Budweiser tonight,” everyone immediately suspected that he was compensated handsomely for the name drop. 

In fact, one sponsorship company speculated that Manning’s two references to the beer were worth $3.2 million. 

But it turns out Manning wasn’t paid at all, or at least that’s what a Bud spokeswoman says.

Why? Let former Jets lineman Damien Woody explain.

But that doesn’t mean Budweiser still can’t capitalize on Manning’s impromptu macro-brew praise.

The biggest clue that he wasn’t paid had to have been that he didn’t say “I’m gonna responsibly drink Budweiser tonight.”

- Dan Gartland

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