Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: Gigi Hadid, Athletes at the Grammys

Tuesday’s A.M. Hot Clicks feature the latest updates from Swim City, a look at model Gigi Hadid and a recap of a big night in college sports.
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Swim City 


 eating some pizza. This is not what it looks like when I eat pizza.

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Amateur Basketball

Seth Davis has a look at Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield and Michigan State’s Denzel Valentine leading the strongest group of seniors in recent memory. Maryland has suspended star freshman Diamond Stonefor one game for shoving a Wisconsin player over the weekend. Minnesota’s Rachel Banham hit a fadeaway game-winner so impressive even Kobe Bryanthad to say something about it.

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NHL Roundup

The Lightning have decided to try to repeat last year’s run to the finals, announcing they will not trade star center Steven Stamkosdespite his expiring contract. Scott Darlinghad a must-see glove save as the Blackhawks routed the Maple Leafs. Allan Muir also has a look at where the must-see action is on the ice this week.

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Lovely Lady of The Day


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Not Again

Taylor Swift is mad that Kanye West made a joke about her (again), and she clapped back at him after robbing Kendrick Lamar of the Album of the Year Grammy Monday night.

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Andy Dalton is Terrible With Luggage

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has lost his luggage again. This time he is blaming American Airlines, but if you lose your bags twice in one week, it's probably your own fault.

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Crystal Dunn Masters the Understatement

Dunn put in five goals for the U.S. against Puerto Rico and was feeling pretty OK about it.

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Jaromir Turns 44 With a Franken-Cake

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Von Miller, Style MVP

The Broncos linebacker hit the Grammys in style

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Russell Wilson Also Attended

Everyone was probably looking at Ciara though.

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Odds & Ends

The biggest question facing each NBA team ... The Grammy’s generated a lot of good GIFs ... The stories to watch in the NBA’s second half ... Tim Tebowtugs at your heart strings with the Night to Shine gala ... Oh no, Chris Bosh’s blood clots may have returned ... Check out the best sports photos from Monday night, including the Westminster Dog Show ... All of the sports references on The Life Of Pablo ... This is the worst attempt at a handshake/hug/dap you will ever see ... John Oliver takes on Chipotle ... Blake Griffin’s fight may have been over something hilarious

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Lionel Messi: Good at Soccer

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Pinpoint Accuracy

This video from Tim Anderson Jr., a prospect with the Chicago White Sox, is worth the cost of a new phone.

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A Bike on a Bobsled Course

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A Chance to be a Star

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