J.J. Redick thinks DeAndre Jordan is actually right-handed

DeAndre Jordan is secretly right-handed according to Clippers teammate J.J. Redick.
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DeAndre Jordan is a bad free throw shooter. He is so bad that some team’s base their entire game plan on making him shoot a bunch of free throws. But his sharpshooting teammate J.J. Redick has a theory about the big man that he thinks may improve his .425 free throw percentage.

Redick told The Orange County Register that he believes the sinistral center is actually right-handed, and has been trying to convince him to switch his shooting for two years now.

“He jumps off his left foot, which is how most right-handed people jump," Redick said. "Their left foot is their dominant foot. He shoots every single jump hook, and tonight, running hook, with his right hand. He finishes around the basket with his right hand. He's really good at it.”

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Jordan, who also bowls and golfs right-handed, insisted that he is a natural lefty, and that his attempts to switch hands at the line have been even worse than his normal shooting.

The Clippers center once missed 22-free-throws in a single game, a record which has since been broken by fellow struggling free throw shooter Andre Drummond, who failed on 23 of 36 attempts in game earlier this year.

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– Brendan Maloy