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By Andy Gray
March 08, 2016

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Mustard Minute: What Do You Say After Completing an 0-19 Season

It was not a good year for Boston College basketball (or football either, but that's a different story). The Eagles became the first team to finish 0-19 in ACC history and the postgame press conference was as depressing as one would think. On the bright side, senior center Dennis Clifford will always have the memories of eating out with his teammates. Tiff has the story.

Seventh Grader Understands Science Better Than NFL

Sure, the science used in the Wells Report has been destroyed by professors at MIT, Carnegie Mellon and a host of other reputable places but what about a seventh grade science whiz? Ben Goodell (no relation to Roger) of St. Pius V Elementary in Lynn, Mass., took home first prize for his experiment disproving Deflategate. As for the actual case, Mike McCann says Tom Brady has reasons to be optimistic while Sally Jenkins is angry another NFL lawyer lied in open court.

Freddie Freeman is Having a Baby

And he used an exploding baseball to find out the child's sex.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Hot Take Alert

Bernie Lincicome of the Chicago Tribune is not a fan of Stephen Curry. Allow me to quote from the first two grafs of his most recent story: "Let's start with the truth. The 3-point shot was created for people who couldn't play basketball. It was made for people who couldn't grow tall enough, dribble well enough, drive hard enough or move fast enough. It was for the last kid picked on the playground. The one who pushed his glasses up his nose. The one who wore black socks in gym class. The 3-point shot was made for you and me."

Quit While You're Behind

Mike Tomlin had great advice for D'Angelo Williams.

Hooters Ball Girl Update

She's still tracking down that ball hit to rightfield.

When Bees Attack

2009 NBA Draft T-Shirt Troll

Church of Manning

By Jim Thompson

Odds & Ends

The Cubs had a live guitarist play during their spring training warmups​ ... Attention Atlanta-area singles: The Hawks will host another Tinder Night ... Impressive halfcourt trick shot by D'Angelo Russell ... Sponsors are ditching Maria Sharapova because of her failed drug test ...  2016 All-Underrated NFL free agent team ... Adam Schefter is very busy ... Nine of Sacha Baron Cohen's most controversial stunts ... Don't expect to see Miley Cyrus guest star on an episode of Fuller House ... If hit movies had trading cards. ... Galleries: The Night in Sports (March 8) and all of the previous days' galleries in one spot.

Taiwanese Animation Video of the Day

​Everything Like That


This Could've Been Bad

Ain't Wasting Time No More

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