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May we all enjoy a moment of such unadulterated joy in our lifetimes.

By Extra Mustard
March 17, 2016

Former NBA guard Nate Robinson just signed with Hapoel Tel-Aviv, and he arrived in Israel on Thursday and found himself an instant celebrity.

Robinson’s career renaissance under Tom Thibodeau has to take a back seat to this moment in his all time career memories, or the time he and Big Baby Davis decided they were Shrek and Donkey, or when he dunked on Shaq (remember when Shaq was on the Celtics?)

Nate’s well-traveled to be sure, but this is on another entire level. They are singing his name in joy.


Nate, a former Washington cornerback in college, has talked about joining the NFL next season, or at least trying out. Who’s to stop him?

Some speculated the move to Israel would mean an end to that dream.


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