Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks feature the lovely Muriel Villera and the best interview in baseball

By Andy Gray
April 07, 2016

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The Best Interview in Baseball

Whether dancing in the dugout or singing Aerosmith tunes, Munenori Kawasaki has established himself as one of the most entertaining players in baseball. And if you think a demotion to Triple A is going to change that, think again.

Overturn the National Championship!

It appears some North Carolina fans are taking the team's national championship loss to Villanova harder than others. Case in point: These UNC fans are still bitter at the referee's performance and have started a petition to overturn the results.

Best Play of the NBA Season

Congrats to the Houston Rockets and their epic butt pass.

Lovely Lady of the Day


Man's Best Friend

Wish I had a dog that doubled as an exercise partner.

Top Eight Brawls in MLB History

I was going to wait for the first huge brawl but couldn't hold out that long.

Great Moments in Man Caves

I want to live in all of these.

Slim Shady the Tiger

Two People Everyone Loves


Two of college basketball's most loved players. @laettnerbball @graysonjallen #TBT (from 2015 Final Four) #DukeFam

A photo posted by Duke Basketball (@dukeblueplanet) on

Odds & Ends

Craig Sager once drank 26 beers during a round of golf​ ... Good collection of overly fancy golf carts ... Kobe Bryant was thisclose to being traded to the Pistons in 2007 ... This is a play-by-play man's worst nightmare ... 50 Cent took a shot (via Instagram) at Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell ... Baseball (a.k.a. - Base Ball) was founded in 1857 (not 1860 as originally thought) ... Nike is having 200 of its athletes pay tribute to Kobe Bryant ... Men who coach women's college basketball teams shouldn't impregnate their players ... 27 kids who look just like their dolls ... Nine secret iPhone tricks.

Someone Needs a Mulligan 

Allen Iverson Inspires Craig Sager

What a Catch!

Serena Williams, How to Twerk

More March News Bloopers


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